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October 15, 2017 Loverofromance Lusting For Covers 9 Comments

Trouble is no match for a lady of the extended Worthington family—except when it comes in the form of a most irresistible gentleman…

Lady Charlotte Carpenter’s brother-in-law has put an infamous brothel owner out of business—yet it is Charlotte who suffers the consequences. Abducted by thugs and held at an inn, she is plotting her escape when she’s suddenly rescued by a dashing gentleman. Only afterward does she realize she’s seen him before—with two courtesans! Unwilling to tarry with such a man, Charlotte makes her second escape. But it is too late to repair her reputation.

A known gossip has spied Charlotte’s movements, and his report is speeding through the rumor mill. Soon, everyone knows that Charlotte spent the night with Constantine, Marquis of Kenilworth. And everyone agrees the only answer is marriage—including Constantine himself, his overjoyed mother—and his mistress! But Charlotte’s abductors aren’t finished with her yet. Now Constantine will do anything to protect the spirited woman he loves and win her heart

Why The Marquis And I ?

This is probably the best cover this author has produced. I just love this sweet and sexy pose, and her dress is gorgeous. I love the pink hues of it. And the backdrop with the warm colors adds a nice contrast. Definitely want this cover on my shelf.

  • This book sounds delicious – and the cover perfectly coordinates with your blog theme!! 😀

  • yes, it’s a nice one there!

  • Ohh pretty

  • Very pretty. I love her dress. It reminds me of a cross stitch pattern that I just got called Lady of Mystery. Have a wonderful week!

  • Agreed! Such a gorgeous cover here.

  • Michele H

    The dress is beautiful and really stands out against the background, as does his jacket. Lovely choice!

  • Oh her dress. 😍😍😍 I find her posture it a little off-putting because it looks like she might be in pain from that bending but maybe not? It is a lovely cover. Great choice!

    Have a wonderful week, Renee. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  • Oh I love this cover!! The dress is perfect (and I adore that cover!). And the pose is sweet!

  • I like how this cover has a full body shot and the color of the jacket compliments the color of her dress, plus there is some intricate detail in the background. I would totally pick this up based on the cover alone !