Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Top Loved Underrated Books

There is quite a many books that are underrated on Goodreads, that are some of the best books I have ever read. I tend to be the type of person to not go crazy over the super hyped books. I like to find those unique treasures that not many people know about, so I wanted to share my list of my favorite books that are under 2000 ratings on Goodreads. Those special romances that I believe needs a shout out of their own. Books that will pull you in and books you won’t be able to put down. Stories that will surprise you. Many of these books, surprised me in how low their ratings on, especially when they are some of the best romances ever to be written.

My Favorite Bride by Christina Dodd-1,959 ratings

Lion’s Bride by Iris Johansen-1,931 Ratings

The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne-1,619 Ratings

Wolf Fever by Terry Spear-1,460 Ratings

In The Bed Of A Duke by Cathy Maxwell-1,195 Ratings

Pride and Passion by Charlotte Featherstone-1,164 Ratings

Through The Storm by Beverly Jenkins-1,089 Ratings

How To Pursue A Princess by Karen Hawkins-1,084 Ratings

In The Dark Of Dreams by Marjorie M. Liu-953 Ratings

What A Duke Dares by Anna Campbell-926 Ratings

The Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore-862 Ratings

Never Love A Cowboy by Lorraine Heath-803 Pages

I Want You To Want Me by Erika Kelly-776 Ratings

Wed To A Highland Warrior by Donna Fletcher-617 Ratings

Hearts of Darkness by Kira Brady-584 Ratings

The Panther and the Pearl by Doreen Owens Malek-468 Ratings

Shadow Fires by Catherine Spangler-422 Ratings

A Highlander’s Temptation by Sue Ellen Welfonder-406 Ratings

Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bitter-345 Ratings

Claim and Protect by Rhenna Morgan-324 Ratings

Bite At First Sight by Brooklyn Ann-319 Ratings

What A Devilish Duke Desires by Vicky Dreiling-282 Ratings

Skies of Gold by Zoe Archer-267 Ratings

In The Night by Kathryn Smith-219 Ratings

A Sword For His Lady by Mary Wine-197 Ratings

Have you read any of these titles? If so, what did you think of them?

What is your list for your favorite underrated books on Goodreads?

  • Hmmm, one i think, i am so bad with names

  • i too love discovering little treasures πŸ˜€ all these authors look so good

  • I haven’t read any of these, but my favorite underrated book is Equal Parts by Emma Winter. Its a darker romance and I devoured it! Sadly, the author hasn’t written anything else!

    • Oh I love those books you devour. I will have to look up Equal Parts.

  • I need to read pretty much all of these lol

  • I’ve only read five from your list and they were all ones I loved. I do have the Marjorie Liu series on my tbr pile for eventually. I think my Eileen Wilks’ World of the Lupi series that I love tends to be one of the underrateds as well as Karen Chance’s books, but most of the low-rated ones I like are either indies or those just starting out and building a following like Katie Ruggle.

    • I definitely think you would really enjoy the Marjorie Liu books for sure!!

  • Oh some on the list I loved, too! Sue-Ellen, Kelly, Haymore. So very good.

  • I just got Outlaw Hearts for free on Amazon Kindle (I think it was that one?) so I’m going to try it! I always say I’m going to try a Bittner book. Wonderful list, Renee!

    Have a fantastic week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • oh really??? You really need to read it Alyssa, I just know that you will love it.

  • I don’t think I’ve read any of these, but I’ve definitely had some of these on my TBR. The House on Blackberry Hill by Donna Alward is a book I don’t think gets enough love. I absolutely adored that one.

    • I will definitely have to pick up Donna Alward then, since you enjoyed her so much.

  • The only one I’ve read from this line-up is I WANT YOU TO WANT ME and I really enjoyed it. I’m surprised it has so few reviews since I’m pretty sure, if I remember correctly, it was published by a big house publisher that was doing a bit of promo for the series. Which is how I heard about it in the first place.

    • I was really surprised that I Want You To Want Me hasn’t been more popular either. I am glad that you enjoyed it too!! πŸ™‚

  • Carol Cork

    I’ve read The Hunter (5*), Pride and Passion (4*), What a Duke Dares (5*) and The Duchess Hunt (4*). My favourite underrated books are Unlocked by Courtney Milan, The Proposition by Judith Ivory, Noble Satyr and Midnight Marriage by Lucinda Brant, The Perfect Rake by Anne Gracie and The Earl Takes All by Lorraine Heath.

    • oh yay…glad to hear that you enjoyed some of these here. The only ones I have read that you listed are The Perfect Rake (which I liked) and Earl Takes All ( I liked but not my favorite from Heath).

  • Nope, I haven’t read any of them. πŸ™ A book I think deserves a lot more recognition is The Garden of Small Beginning by Abbi Waxman. It has 2,119, but needs MORE!

    • oh that is too bad, I think a few of these you would really like!!!

  • I haven’t read any of them. I do know that Marjorie M. Liu has been on my radar for a while, but I’ve yet to try her.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads