Lusting For Covers (264) Devil In Tartan

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Why Devil In Tartan?

What is NOT to love about this cover, and quite frankly….is the best cover of the whole series!!! It just gives me the tingles. Such a fine looking scot in only a KILT, and with his hair—I LOVE his hair. and that beard or scruff, just makes me want to kiss him. And I love the way the sun is shining behind him, with the beautiful cliffs of the shoreline. All together is a great cover and would look great on any shelf.

  • great stare on him!

  • Ann Lorz

    Oh, that is a great cover!

  • Yeah the hair and the scruff are definitely working for me 🙂 Great cover!

  • Haha. Actually the hair is a bit much for me. But I love his pose and definitely the beard scruff!

  • Kilt! Kilt! Kilt! lol <3

  • Oh this is yummy indeed. I love a little facial scruff and yes his hair plays nicely with that kilt.

  • The cover… 😍❤️

  • Well, hello there….what a hunk!

  • Great pick, love the cover too!!!

  • Michele H

    Yep…everything on the cover works! *dreamy sigh* Oh, and I’m sure the, uh, story is great as well. LOL!

  • Hey yeah there’s a lot of yum right there!