Book Love (66) A Rogue’s Embrace

July 21, 2017 Loverofromance Book Love 8 Comments

By the king’s command, Sir Richard Blythe has reluctantly agreed to wed—for that is the only way to regain his birthright. But he never expected to be smitten by the lovely bride who has been forced upon him. To own the heart and soul of Elissa Longbourne, Sir Richard would be willing to forsake all other women; yet he realizes that it will take more than a marriage vow to free the passion he sees simmering in the stubborn beauty’s eyes. So the notorious nobleman sets out to tame his willful wife—one slow, luxurious kiss at a time…

Elissa refuses to love her bridegroom, even though he is so maddeningly handsome that he had stolen her breath away upon her very first glance. Richard Blythe is a husband to be feared. Now he holds the key to Elissa’s young son’s legacy in his powerful hands. Dare a pretty widow trust a rogue such as he with her heart?

Why A Rogue’s Embrace?

This was such a wonderful story to read, I picked it up last year and really enjoyed this story. This is a slow burning romance, that is set around restoration England, so we see some rich culture and the setting was simply wonderful to read.

  • Sounds great. I haven’t read any historical romance since The Bronze Horseman, which was ages ago. 😁 It’s then become one of my TOP favorites.

    • Yes this one is pretty great. I am big on historical romance and have read it for many years so its always nice to look back on those great reads that are really highly underrated.

  • Ann Lorz

    She’s not a author I’ve ever read before. I do enjoy her covers though.

  • Ooo, this looks appealing. I like that he’s trying to woo her. I love when heroes aren’t jerks, as you know. Also, I think this is medieval? I love medieval. 🙂

  • Looks good! I’d not heard of her before. There are just SO many options out there.

    • haha oh I know…this is just an author I have loved since I got hooked on romance.