Book Love (54) The Darkest Knight

Trained as a knight, yet sworn to the monastery, Reynold Welles had always lived by a strict code of honor. Yet the night he rescues beautiful Lady Katherine Berkeley from a treasonous kidnapper and an arranged marriage, he is captivated by the power of her enchanting loveliness. As she trembles within his protective embrace, he knows she is unaware of the fire she has ignited within him–a passion that burns with greater fury each day.

Though he is powerless against her innocent sensuality, Reynold is duty bound to bring the lady to the king, whose life may depend on the secret she holds. Yet when the dark knight discovers that Katherine is to be married, he is torn between doing his duty… or claiming Katherine as his own.

Why The Darkest Knight

I really loved this book back when I read it, and I just have a weakness for a good medieval romance and Callen did a great job with this, and even though it was her first debut novel it was simply fantastic. I love a hero that is so kind and honorable. We see how torn he is between duty and his heart. And it can be refreshing not having to deal with a hero that “sows his oats”. This guy due to his profession is less than experienced so we have such a fresh feeling to this romance.

  • It’s been years since I’ve read a Gayle Callen book, and I never did read this one. Like you, I love a hero who doesn’t need to sow his oats. That can get really old really quickly. Thanks for putting this book on my radar!

  • Oh oh oh I LOOOOOOVE medieval romance! This was the author’s debut novel? I’ve seen some of her newer books but I’m not familiar with her older books. I’ll add this one to the TBR. πŸ˜€

    Have a lovely weekend, Renee!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  • He looks uncomfortable sucking in his tummy like that. πŸ˜€

  • I haven’t read too many medieval romances but this one sounds good. I do like that he has lived by a code of honor.

  • Oh I love when the hero hasn’t been around the blog 8 gazillion times. Sounds like one I need to check out πŸ™‚