2017 Spooks, Howls and Fangs Reading Challenge & Link Up

The Particulars: 

This is a reading challenge for those fun and sexy PNR reads. This is a way for us to challenge ourselves to read more books with those creatures of the night that we can’t get enough of. This can include many variety of options for you. Whether it be vampires, shape shifters, ghosts, demons, fae, gargoyles and more!! You get to choose what you read, the only stipulation is that it has to be romance.

Pick Your Level: 

5-15 Books- A Shifter Cub Taking Risks In The Forests

20-40- A 200 year old vampire Seeking Blood In The Dark Of Night

50-70 A Shifter Wolf Finding His Mate

80+ An Alpha Leader Bulletproof When It Comes To His Pack


5 books minimum to read

Must have paranormal aspects, and the focus must be a romance.

No limits on the type of book: whether it be audio, printed or e book. ARC’s are also included

Re reads can be part of the challenge.

Any reader can change their level, if needed.

Keep track of your progress through Goodreads and/or your personal blog or website.

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