Lusting For Covers (212) Once A Gentleman


Once A Gentleman 2When two friends are found in a compromising situation, their marriage of convenience turns into something neither was looking for … and something neither can live without.

Nicholas Parrish wakes one morning to pounding at the front door of his London townhouse. Standing before him is the irate father of Prudence Armitage and several of her scowling brothers. They accuse him of compromising Prudence, and to his astonishment the woman in question walks out of his study, looking as if she’s just been roused from her bed! Prudence had a tiring night putting the finishing touches to The Ladies Fashionable Cabinet, the magazine she and Nicholas, along with his sister Edwina, have been working on.

With Edwina on an extended wedding trip, Prudence had wanted everything to be perfect. But she fell asleep at her desk, and when she walks out of the office and sees her family ready to murder the man she had secretly had a crush on, Prudence is appalled. And when a marriage is forced between them, she is devastated. The damage is done, though, and now she’s determined to make things right between herself and her new husband making him fall in love with her.

Why I LUST After Once A Gentleman? 

These are the type of covers I sometimes really miss!!! They may be old style, but they are classically romantic. I love the soft tones in the background, the heroine’s dress is so flowy and elegant. I love the pose here, with the whole man behind the woman set up. Romantic and sweet!!

  • Ann Lorz

    This is a great cover!

  • What a lovely cover!

    Hope you’re able to stay cool and have fun this weekend!

  • Cute dress

  • Eva

    Friends to Marriage of Convenience?! Count me in!! And I like the cover, too!!

  • I agree the cover is soft and romantic. Love her dress too!!

  • I do wonder why they don’t make covers like this, but then a bit more modern. The poses are quite romantic. It just looks peaceful and romantic with the sweeping dress and the way they are positioned. Although I don’t find the font quite fitting with the rest of the cover.

  • kindlemom1

    They are definitely old school but they do have their charm don’t they?

  • I can see what you mean by classically romantic! I’m not a huge fan of that cover, but I don’t hate it, if that makes sense? I want more MAN tbh. ;D

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  • Those are the types of covers I remember 🙂

  • Melliane

    Ay yes I remember those too

  • I really liked this book! It is a beautiful cover.

  • That is a lovely one. So sweet!

  • Katiria Rodriguez

    Ohh yes I absolutely love the classically covers this one is very beautiful I love it. Great Pick! Thank you for stopping by my blog my friend.